Saturday, July 13, 2013

Feet Up

What I realize with my feet up...

1.  I need a pedicure.  Desperately!

2.  I love the Pioneer Woman on the Food Network.

3.  My nasty feet have some lovely callouses from all that early morning walking.

4.  The side table is on the wrong side of my chair.  I know this because my coffee mug is on the left side and I am right handed.  It requires far too much effort to retrieve my cup.  (!!)

5.  Getting up to answer the phone is irritating--well, it is if it is a telemarketing call, promising to lower our interest rate for the 30th time since school has been out.

6.  Baxter loves to sleep on my nasty feet that have callouses and need a pedicure.  Obviously, he's not a dog of discerning taste.  

7.  Our hospital business office only calls on weekends. A lovely recorded voice that tells you to call them.  And they only take calls during the week and don't send out bills any more, so you have to remember to call them two days later.  (You might have bills you don't know about--surprise!!) And when you call during the week, they can't answer any of your questions.  And they don't itemize your bills, so you have no idea what you are paying for.  And all of our lab work and Dr. services go through them.  I know.  That's a lot of "ands."  (We should really be looking for a new hospital!)

8.  Laptops are the best.  I will never own another desktop computer.

9.  I'd shop online more often if there were no shipping charges.  (Those shipping charges really make the bargain prices, not a bargain.) 

10.  Mainly, I realize that I should get up and do something....  and showering should probably be my first priority.

Happy Weekend!


Life in a Small Town said...

Glad you put that in about the dr....I forgot I have a chiropractor's appointment this morning! (Better get moving!)

Jean D said...

FYI - you can always ask for and get a detailed bill so you know what you're paying for. It's your right, plus billing offices are used to the request.