Friday, October 18, 2013

Latest From Easy Street

*L is now on restricted bed rest.  Everyone will be happy when the Baby Bee arrives. 

*The Bug smashed her thumb in a baby gate at the sitters.  Her first accident.  She was quite sad and just wanted her mama.  (I say her first accident.  Who am I kidding?  She gets more bruises and scratches than her mama ever did.  When you're a little daredevil that happens. And I especially love that she has started making up "whoppers" about how they happened.  "Papa did it."  "Mama did it." It is always fun to ask where the latest scratch came from. She doesn't dare say "Nana did it."  I'd cut off the jelly bean supply.)

*Little Sis is back in California.  We're making plans for some exchange visits next June.  I'm exicted.

*Little Big Brother's house is coming along. But, I still think they might be camping in my basement for at least a few weeks.

*The Mr. failed a sleep test.  I'm not sure he could have done worse if he had tried.  The lack of oxygen during sleep is causing heart issues, so he is about to discover the joys of a cpap machine.  I'm guessing we will both sleep better. 

*Finally, it is the end of the nine weeks.  The show is a only a few weeks away and there is still an awful lot to do.  (I've even visited a magic shop for some special effects.)  Next up, video taping the tornado scene and the Oz effects.  My plate runneth over.  And when is summer vacation? 

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