Saturday, February 1, 2014

February 1st

The month of love.  So what am I loving today?

*Snow.  It snowed last night.  Just beautiful.

*Tiny Town basketball teams both won last night.  (There haven't been many wins this year.)

*Our crazy student section at the games. (Especially nice when we win!)  We had a giant hot dog, several throw back basketball jerseys, and some incredibly strange hood mask combinations. (Super Heroes?)  They were having a great time.  This teacher needed to see that spirit.
Smaller than normal,
but loud as usual.

*Former students who come back to visit and make a special point to see me.  Last night it was two sisters.  I follow them on facebook, but nothing beats seeing their children in person, seeing little sis's engagement ring, or just catching up on their lives.  I am reminded that I have had the chance to teach some pretty terrific people--and I forget how much I miss seeing them on a daily basis. 

*Sitting at the game with the wife of the coach.  She is amazing.  There are people in this world who sap every bit of life and energy out of you, and then there are people like her.  She is so sweet, positive, and funny--and I always feel good when I leave her.  I swear it is an incredible gift.  (And this when her husband's team has had a terribly long season. It doesn't matter. She's still the same.) To top it off, she is absolutely beautiful. I'd hate her, but it is hard to hate someone who makes the whole world a bit more beautiful and a whole lot kinder.

*Oh, and I can't forget how much I loved the little girl who came to the game last night toting her Minnie Mouse high heels that light up when she walks.  Those snow boots didn't have a chance of staying on when she had such beautiful heels to wear!  Adorable! (The Bug would have been so jealous!!) 

Looking for the love this February!

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Amy said...

You must have been sitting with Shelly last night. :) Love her.