Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Activities

I have been crazy busy lately:

*Girls Trip with high school friends to visit another high school friend
*A trip to a local art museum
*Water park day with the grands
*Last t-ball game for the Bug
*A day trip to see E in swimming lessons and gymnastics
*Baby sister and hubby visiting from Cali
*Helping a colleague study for a test

So much fun. Maybe I can show you in pictures.

Some great memories of:

a beautiful small town that made us feel like celebrities
selfie stick fun
Madison County covered bridge detour
a flat tire stop of 90 minutes (who knew a flat tire could be that funny?!!)
American Gothic minus the pitchfork, but plus a selfie stick
E and the Bug going down the family slide together--such big kids!
L and her youngest step daughter's ending a trip on the big slides with a triple loop ending of their own making
an art exhibit of photos and paintings from the U.S. Japanese internment camps of the 1940's
a t-ball game where the littlest bug turned into a smurf with a blue slush (Does Nana know how to buy treats or what?!)
Daddy CB surprising E and his mama by showing up at swim lessons and gymnastics
furniture shopping trip with wild man E
spending a day with little sis, meeting up with a childhood friend
dinner at Little Big Brothers with the whole family
Big Brothers and sorority poses for pictures
studying for a test that I didn't have to take (These poor young teachers!)

To be honest, I have been far too tired to blog. The last ten days have been busy. So far, this summer has been a good one!

July is stacking up to be hectic, too.

1. The basement remodel begins Tuesday
2. Buggy and the Baby Bug are spending four days with us while Mommy and Daddy are on a trip
3. L and CB are moving to a new home
4. Celebrating our 40th anniversary with the girls and families at a cabin on a local lake
5. Work at school

It won't be long and the summer will be gone. I'm planning to enjoy it while I can!

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